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Date: 2-Jul-2018  
Title: RO Plants in Thar Sindh

ISLAMABAD Jul 2:-Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice Javed Iqbal ordered complaint verification of allegedly illegal award of contract of installing 450 RO plants to favourit company named Pak Oisis in violation of rules and regulations.

According to details, the company was paid Rs 5 billion even before completing of the project. It merits mentioning here that the RO plants were to be installed to provide clean drinking water to people of Tharparkar, Chachro and Mitti, Sindh. The media reports say that the company had failed to installed 450 RO Plants. Also some installed plants had not been working properly despite maintenance services were assured by Pak Oisis. Due to negligence and inadequate maintenance of RO Plants, some of plants were closed and people were suffering.

Taking notice of the closure and non functioning of RO plants and not proper maintenance and alleged corruption in award of contract to blue eyed company in violations of rules, the chairman NAB directed DG NAB Karachi to verify complaints why the company had been paid the whole aomount in advance before even completing the project? Why the relevant department of Sindh miserably failed to ensure clean drinking water to people of Thar and failed to complete the project. Why the officers played the role of silent spectators on non functioning of RO plants.

Chairman NAB has also took notice and sought report of selling clean drinking water of RO plants to people of Thar through water bowsers illegally.




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