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Date: 18-May-2018  
Title: NAB believes in transparency and supremacy of law. Chairman NAB

ISLAMABAD May18, 2018:-Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB said that NAB is determined to the policy of zero tolerance and accountability for all. Addressing at a cheque distribution ceremony of the hundreds of victims of Model Housing Enclave as chief guest, he said the menace of corruption will be eliminated from the country on priority basis. DG NAB Lahore was also present on the occasion.

Chairman NAB said Double Shah was made as Single Shah by NAB recovering 4 billion looted by Double Shah which had been returned to the victims of Double Shah. He said that Rs 1.2 from out of Rs1.9 billion looted by co- accused in Double Shah case Tasawwar Gilani have been returned by NAB to the affectees. He said that NAB has also returned Rs 36 crore to the victims of Elite Town Housing Scheme Lahore. He said NAB Lahore has returned record over Rs 18 billion to 3 lac affectees of Housing sector. He said in today's function Rs 24 crore 67 lakh 82 thousand have been returned to 190 victims of Model Housing Enclave. The beaming faces of the victims testify this. He said NAB does not believe in taking any revenge from any one. The complaint verifications, inquiries and investigations are conducted by NAB on basis of alleged allegations which are not final until availability of solid evidence as per law. NAB verifies the accusations from relevant institutions and accused persons as per law. In case of non availability of evidence the complaint verifications, inquiries and investigations are closed. NAB initiates and closes investigations after due process.

NAB is a national institute which believes in transparency and supremacy of law. He said regulators should take notice of advertisements of fake and non registered housing societies. They should check whether the society has received NOC, lay out from the concerned regulators or has land in its possession as per law. The Chairman NAB said honesty and Hilal rizk is always prove beneficial. The earners of quick money should think that a man goes to his final destination empty handed. Chairman NAB appreciated the performance of LAN Lahore under the supervision of DG NAB Lahore and hoped that the performance of NAB Lahore would continue in future with same spirit.




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