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Date: 4-Apr-2018  
Title: Justice Javed Iqbal, Man of Inspiration

Islamabad, April 4, 2018: NAB is determined to eradicate corruption under the dynamic leadership of incumbent Chairman NAB Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal. Corruption is mother of all the evils and is major hurdle in progress of Pakistan but it is a privilege for Pakistan that NAB is a role model for entire SAARC countries. Owing to outstanding performance of NAB, Pakistan’s corruption perception Index (CPI) has been decreased from 175 position to 116. Pakistan is the only country whose corruption perception index is persistently on declining trend. The performance of NAB has been lauded by SAARC countries including India.

Pakistan and China have already inked a memorandum of understanding MoU for eradication of corruption. Pakistan and China would jointly work for ensuring transparency in China Pakistan economic coordination CPEC project. NAB is only anti corruption institution which is playing vital role in recovering the looted money from culprit. NAB during the last 2017 has recovered Rs 50 billion from corrupt and deposited in national exchequer last year. The recovery made possible to return to hundreds of effectees and some government departments. This reflects excellent performance of NAB. The reports of renowned national and international organizations like PILDAT, Transparency International and World Economic Forum also confirms excellent performance of NAB.

Chairman NAB in short span of about six months has transformed NAB into a vibrant, proactive and credible institute which is coming very heavy on corrupt in order to eradicate corruption from the country. Chairman NAB has termed eradication of corruption as his topmost priority. That is why he had adopted “Accountability for All” Policy against corruption. He has ordered filing early hearing pleas of 1138 pending references in various Accountability Courts, so that about Rs 900 billion of innocent people could be recovered from corrupt and deposited in national exchequer. It is important to mention here that a total of 1138 references were being heard by various NAB courts. The under trial cases included 347 references of NAB Lahore 275 references of NAB Karachi were under trial. As many as 185 references of NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 97 references of NAB Balochistan, 171 cases of Rawalpindi, 34 references of Multan 29 references of NAB Sukkur are currently under trial in various Accountability Courts. And culprits could be punished by the courts.

Under the dynamic leadership of Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB, various complaint verifications, inquiries and investigations have been authorized after due deliberation and consultation. NAB has also filed 197 corruption references in various Accountability courts during the last six months of the tenure of Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB.

Chairman NAB is determined to make Pakistan corruption free and he believes in strictly punishing the people who try to create any hurdle in economic growth, progress and prosperity of the country. Chairman NAB has decided to listen people's grievances on last Thursday of each month which proved very successful. He has also ordered all regional bureaus that they should to listen people's grievances on every last Thursday of each month in order for the ease of the people. Due to this reason, people’s trust on NAB is increasing day by day as eradication of corruption is the voice the nation and efforts of Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB in eradication of corruption across the board have been widely acknowledged by all segments of society.




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