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Date: 27-Feb-2018  
Title: Chairman NAB visits NAB Karachi

ISLAMABAD, Feb 27, 2018: Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal, Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) while addressing the officers at NAB Karachi during his visit to NAB Karachi Regional Bureau said that our Father of the Nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan had termed “One of the biggest curses... is bribery and corruption. That really is a cancer. We are committed to put it down with an iron hand by adopting “Accountability for All” policy. DG NAB Karachi was also present at the occasion.

Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal, Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) said that corruption is mother of all evils. NAB is committed to eradicate corruption in all its forms and manifestations. He said that today NAB has rejuvenated and we have moved with new zeal and effort to eradicate corruption from the country across the board. NAB’s officers strictly follow Zero Tolerance Policy against eradication of corruption. NAB through detailed analysis of organizational weaknesses, overhaul of procedures/processes, all pillars of NAB i.e. Operations, Prosecution, Human Resource Development and Awareness and Prevention have been reactivated.

He said that to close the possibility of any single NAB officer/official influencing the discharge of official duty, the concept of a “Combined Investigation Team” (CIT) has introduced where two investigation officers and a legal consultant are working as a team for a fair, transparent and unbiased, inquiry/ investigations. To ensure objectivity and standardization across the board, the Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been examined and revisited through a participative exercise for implementation. He said that NAB has decided to fix 10 months time limit i.e. 2 months for Complaint Verification, four months for Inquiry and four months for Investigation and thus filling of reference in respective Accountability Court.

He said that NAB has recovered Rs. 289 billion since its inception which have been deposited in national exchequer. NAB is the only organization which has such kind of exemplary record. He said that NAB has an effective internal accountability mechanism. He said that youth is the future of Pakistan; therefore NAB has laid special emphases on youth. More than 50 thousands Character Building Societies (CBS) have been established in Universities/Colleges across the country to build an effective edifice against corruption.

He said that fighting corruption is a challenging task. Serious efforts to combat corruption have been started with this realization that it is our collective social responsibility; that it would result in common good and that we all are together in this war. He said that NAB is determined for corruption free Pakistan. He directed all officers of NAB to adopt and demonstrate absolute fairness and transparency as per law in discharge of their national duties. He called upon intelligentsia, the academia and media to sensitize the people about the ill impact of corruption on economic development of the country.




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