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Date: 27-Jan-2018  
Title: NAB geared up to recover looted money from corrupt and bring them to justice. Chairman

Islamabad, Jan 27, 2018: Chairman NAB Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal has said that elimination of corruption is the top priority of NAB. Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB said that NAB is not to take revenge from any province, party or individual and has geared up to recover looted money from corrupt and bring them to justice.

Chairman NAB directed all NAB officers to conduct complaint verification, inquiries and investigation with 10 months and file corruption references in respective honorable Accountability Court after collecting solid and incriminating evidence along with relevant details of each case. Now onwards NAB would take care of self respect of every one as law prohibits NAB from the wrong use of it laws. The whole nation pinned hopes on NAB for elimination of corruption. NAB officers must adhere themselves to law of the land as our affiliation are only with the country.

He said NAB officers have been given training to enable them to meet present day’s challenges. NAB has established a Forensic Laboratory in Islamabad. Corrupt, inept officers have no place in NAB. Honesty, efficiency and professional competence would be encouraged in NAB. He said that he himself will look after seniority, appointments and promotion cases of all NAB officers as per law. No discrimination will be done against any officer. Adherence to law would be promoted in NAB. He said corruption could be eliminated from the country with iron hands. Corruption could be eliminated from the country by strictly observing zero tolerance policy and working of officers as a team.

He said elimination of corruption is our national service which is a guarantee for better future of the country. NAB must not be used as a point scoring tool but NAB believes in accountability for all.




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