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Date: 22-Dec-2016  
Title: Press Release

*ISLAMABAD December 22, 2016:* Apropos news item “Bureaucrat facing Rs. 40Bn corruption Charges ‘cleared’” appearing in the Daily Dawn on 22nd December 2016.

NAB has refuted the statement and termed it as baseless and unfounded that the accused Mushtaq Raisani was facing corruption charges to the tune of Rs. 40Bn.

It is clarified that NAB initiated an inquiry into the illegal release of funds of local government department of Balochistan which were released to Municipal Committees i.e Khaliqabad and Muchh which fall in the constituency of Mr. Khalid Langove, Advisor to the Chief Minister, Balochistan.

Contrary to the news report the total amount of funds of Balochistan Local Government Department were approximately Rs. 6Bn out of which Rs. 2.31Bn were released for the Municipal Committee Muchh and Khaliqabad.

While appreciating the efforts of free media in educating people about facts of the case, NAB asserts that fair and factually correct reporting of efforts of NAB being at the forefront of fight against corruption needs to be properly appreciated and highlighted.

The mention of Rs. 40Bn corruption in this case is far from truth and may kindly be corrected for information of general public.




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