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Date: 5-Jun-2018  

ISLAMABAD, 5th June 2018: NAB under the leadership of of Chairman Honorable Justice Mr Javed Iqbal has decided to proceed against complainants who lodge frivolous and fake complaints, with any motivation beyond law or loaded interests or with intent to cause malice to others. However, NAB would encourage genuine complainants who lodge their complaints on the basis of solid evidence and documents that ex facie suggest commission of offences of corruption and corrupt practice.

According to NABís operational methodology, after receipt of application, complaint verification of complaint is conducted to ascertain genuineness and veracity of the contents of complaint by calling complainant who submits affidavit to that effect. Also, Complaint Verification (CV) is a mechanism provided by NABís methodology to ward off malicious and frivolous complaints by way of preliminary scrutiny so that prior to inquiry it is ascertained that it would cause no undue harm to the alleged. Subsequent to this 2 months process of CV, an inquiry is authorized if complaint is found out to be genuine and worthy of probing it further. The inquiry process is completed in 4 months time period in which it is ascertained whether or not case is made out for preceding it further for prosecution. If it is found worthy of proceeding ahead, inquiry is upgraded and authorized as investigation, which is also completed in 4 months. The investigation is further consolidated for filing of Reference after due deliberation of Operation and Prosecution Divisions at the highest level which is Executive Board of NAB as per law.

NAB, under the leadership of Chairman Honorable Justice Mr Javed Iqbal, is the only investigating agency in the world that has prescribed 10 months timeframe for logical conclusion of corruption case. This limited time period saves the alleged from investigation proceedings that otherwise continue for prolonged periods of time. Nevertheless, in order to further streamline the process of complaints and for the sake of more transparency, fake complainants lodging frivolous complaints against individuals would be dealt strictly with according to law.




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