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Date: 9-May-2018  
Title: Press Release

ISLAMABAD May 9:- National Accountability Bureau has clarified that the Bureau's press release was based on a media report titled "when will money laundered money will be returned? published in Daily Ausaf on Feb 1 ,2018. The column Zavia e Nigah was written by Muhammad Tausif ul Haq Siddiqi. The alleged Media report categorically refers world banks migration and remittance fact Book report 2016 alleging the sending of $4.9 billion to India. According to alleged media report former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, former finance minister Ishaq Dar, former governor State Bank of Pakistan, Ashraf Wathra, Former deputy governor state bank Saeed Ahmed were allegedly involved in money laundering of $4.9 billion from country's foreign reserves.

Their special man Saeed Ahmed transferred the aforementioned money to Indian exchequer via Dubai. Consequently Pakistan's foreign reserves were dwindled and Indian foreign currency reserves were enhanced. This was allegedly unearthed during detailed audit of state bank's Head office's Foreign currency reserves. World Bank's comprehensive report titled Migration and Remittance Book 2016, which is available online.

NAB has decided to conduct complaint verification on the basis of alleged money laundering to India on the bases of alleged media report as the complaint verification of money laundering is under the purview of NAB.

NAB was conducting the verification as per law. NAB out rightly rejects the impression of revenge or hurting anyone as NAB does not believe in revenge and determined to eliminate corruption without any discrimination.




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