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Date: 8-Feb-2018  
Title: NAB would concentrate on eliminating corruption without caring about status/position,Chairman

Islamabad, February 8, 2018: National Accountability Bureau would concentrate on eliminating corruption from the country without caring about status or position,Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal said while addressing a cheque distribution ceremony among affectees of Double Shah and Elite Housing Scheme in Lahore. He said that NAB would take action on corruption case without caring about the face behind the case. Corruption was spreading in the country like cancer, adding that various plunderers have looted the country the maximum. Country owed whooping $84 billion. Nobody is ready to give details of spent amount on inquiring about the details of spending the foreign debts, the responsible start clamoring that its a conspiracy which is being hatched against them. NAB has no link with any political party. NAB does not believe on discrimination. Zero tolerance and self accountability is the most important component of NAB's policy.

NAB had recovered the looted money from Double Shah this virtually making him Single Shah recovering Rs 4 billion from out of the Plundered Rs 9 billion. Whereas co accused had plundered Rs1.9 billion. As many as Rs 1.2 billion has already been returned to the effectees from co accused Tassawar Gilani. He said NAB Lahore has returned the looted money of Rs 10 billion including interest amount of Rs 36 crore. The money was looted by Elite Housing Scheme Lahore. NAB had promised four months ago that the looted amount would be returned to the effectees come under cheating public at large. The promise is being fulfilled and no looter would be allowed to become Double Shah in future. He urged the regulators to keep close vigil on enchanting advertisements of Housing Schemes. Whether the Society has obtained NOC or deposited lay out plan of the Housing Scheme. The formal approval of the Housing Society should also be checked. He said NAB will take action against the Regulators in future along with the fake housing schemes. He urged the people to invest only in legal housing schemes. People should avoid trying to make quick money. NAB believes in transparency and merit.

Earlier DG NAB Lahore Shahzad Saleem said that NAB was trying utmost to arrange the recovery of housing societies looted money to the affectees under the leadership of Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB. NAB has so far recovered Rs18 billion to about three lakh affectees and across the board accountability would continue as per Justice Javed's policy.




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