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Date: 9-Jun-2017  
Title: Corruption is root cause of all evils. Eradication of corruption and recover looted money from corrupt is the top priority of NAB. NAB Believes eradication of corruption with iron hands: Chairman NAB

ISLAMABAD, June 09, 2017: Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudry, Chairman NAB chaired a meeting to review the performance of Operation Division of NAB at NAB Headquarters.

While addressing the meeting, Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudry, Chairman NAB said that corruption is root cause of all evils. NAB believes in eradication of corruption with iron hands by using all our resources. He said that eradication of corruption is the top priority of NAB by adopting Zero Tolerance Policy across the board. He said that NAB is apex anti-corruption organization which was established to eradicate corruption and recover looted money from corrupt and deposit it in the national exchequer. He said that the year 2014 was the year of reinvigoration of NAB. The present management of NAB initiated the process of putting NAB back on rails. He said after a thorough and comprehensive analysis of deficiencies in the structure and operations of the organization, a reform and restructuring program was put in place which has not only entrusted a new lease of life for the organization but also infused it with a new character; a character marked by Fairness, Objectivity, Professionalism and Transparency.

He said that the measures taken by present management of NAB such as introduction of Combined Investigation Team (CIT), review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) making them relevant to the current times, clearly defined Job Descriptions, rational time lines for completing inquiries and investigations, capacity building trainings tailored around specific job requirements and rationalization of workload has started showing results. An objective appraisal system – Partly Quantified Grading System – and the Internal Accountability Mechanism (IAM) has improved quality of the output considerably. He said that the tempo and momentum generated in 2014 has been sustained uptill todate.

During the meeting, Chairman NAB reviewed performance of NAB Operation Division and status of implementation of the decisions taken and found that most of the decisions were implemented in letter and spirit. Chairman NAB stressed upon the importance of the team work. He said that the Operation Division has been strengthened in order to evolve a strong mechanism for nabbing the corrupt. He said efforts have been made to boost up the morale of NAB officers/officials as NAB officers are now being sent on professional courses and trainings, thus leading to better efficiency.

The Chairman NAB said that review of the performance of Operation Division of NAB will provide an opportunity to further improve their performance and shortcomings if any will be overcome in order to discharge their national duty and future course of action with firm resolve to eradicate corruption.

He said that we have established successfully two new regions at Multan & Sukkur. He said that we have automated our system and computerized Monitoring and evaluation system (MES) has been introduced in NAB Headquarter and all Regional NAB’s. A pilot Project of NAB Rawalpindi was completed. The outcome of the pilot project is being shared with other regions. He said that continuous efforts are being made to make this system more effective and fool proof in order to further improve the working of NAB in qualitative as well as quantitative terms. He said that efforts are being made to lay such practices which will make NAB even more better organization.




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