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Date: 16-Feb-2017  
Title: Corruption is curse. We must put it down with an iron hand. Chairman NAB

Islamabad, Feb 16, 2017: Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Chairman NAB visited NAB Multan to review its performance on the basis of annual inspection conducted by Chairmanís Inspection & Monitoring Team (CI&MT) at NAB Multan Bureau here today. NAB's CI&MT Team was deputed to conduct annual inspection of NAB Multan for the year 2016. The annual inspection was carried out from Feb 14-16, 2017 in order to review and evaluate the performance of NAB Multan Bureau on the basis of newly introduced Partly Quantified Grading System (PQGS).

Senior Member, Chairmanís Inspection and Monitoring Team (CI&MT) along with his team conducted the said annual inspection for the year 2016 and gave a detailed briefing to Chairman NAB about the annual inspection done by (CI&MT) and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of NAB Multan Regional Bureau. He informed that on the directions of Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Chairman NAB Partly Quantified Grading System (PQGS) had been devised in 2014. Under this Partly Quantified Grading System (PQGS), the performance of all NABís Regional Bureaus is being conducted since 2014 at uniform criteria.

The Chairman NAB directed Chairmanís Inspection and Monitoring Team (CI&MT) along with his team to conduct annual inspection of all regional NABís Bureaus of their performance of 2016 which started from January 2017 and annual inspection of Karachi, Rawalpindi, Sukkar, KP and Lahore have been conducted. The annual inspection of NAB Multan was carried out from Feb 14-16, 2017. In his final day inspection of NAB Multan, Chairmanís Inspection and Monitoring Team gave final presentation about the performance of NAB Multan during 2016. He informed in his presentation that in 2016, NAB Multan reconceived 2523 complaints; all were process according to the law. NAB Multan, out of 222 complaints verifications (CVs), completed 206 complaint verifications. NAB Multan, out of 79 inquiries, completed 58 whereas out of 29 investigations, NAB Multan completed 21 investigations on merit. During 2016, NAB Multan has arrested 42 corrupts and filed 21 corruption references during 2016 and recovered Rs. 1158.43/- million. The Senior Member, Chairman Inspection and Monitoring Team (CI&MT) in view of the assessed annual performance based on evaluation under Partly Quantified Grading System prepared by CI&MT Team graded NAB Multanís performance Outstanding/Excellent as 94.99% Operational Efficiency Index (OEI).

The NAB Chairman said that NAB Multan is one of the important regional Bureau of NAB. He said that corruption is curse. We must put it down with an iron hand. NAB officers to double their efforts in eradication of corruption with the realization that eradication of corruption is our national duty. NAB is committed to eradicate corruption by adopting Zero Tolerance Policy as corruption. He said that NAB is Pakistan's apex anti-corruption organization which has chalked out a proactive Anti-Corruption Strategy to elimination corruption through a holistic approach of awareness, prevention and enforcement and to arrest corrupt and recovered looted money from them and deposit in the national exchequer.

He said that the figures of complaints, inquiries and investigations are almost double as compared to the same period of 2015 to 2016. The comparative figures for the latest two and half years are indicative of the hard work being put in by all ranks of NAB staff in an atmosphere of renewed energy and dynamism, where fight against corruption is being taken as a national duty. Increase in the number of complaints also reflects enhanced public trusted in the NAB. The PILDAT in its report supported the position stated above as 42% people trusted NAB against 30 % for police and 29 % for government officials. The recent report of 2016 released by Transparency International Pakistanís rating has improved plus 9 points in Corruption Perception Index (CPI) which is a great achievement for Pakistan due to NAB's efforts. The World Economic Forum according to Global Competitiveness Index rated Pakistan from 126 to 122 this year which is great achievement of Pakistan due to efforts and measures taken by the present management of NAB to eradicate corruption from the country.

Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Chairman NAB said that NAB Multan Bureau has played prominent role in contributing towards the overall performance of NAB. He said that under Partly Quantified Grading system annual inspection conduction by the Chairman Inspection and Monitoring Team (CI&MT) has graded NAB Multanís performance as Outstanding/Excellent with 94.99 % operational efficiency index. He appreciated the performance of all wings of NAB Multan under the supervision of Brig (Retd) Farooq Naseer Awan, DG NAB Multan. He commended the good work done by CI&MT team.




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