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Date: 11-Jan-2017  
Title: NAB committed to eradicate corruption for corruption free Pakistan: Chairman

Islamabad, January 11, 2017: Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Chairman NAB while addressing as chief guest at a ceremony in which students of Sindh Madressa Tul Islam University Karachi led by Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor at P-Block, Auditorium, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad participated said that our father of the nation Quaid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan had termed “One of the biggest curses… is bribery and corruption. That really is a poison. We must put it down with an iron hand”. NAB is committed to eradicate corruption by adopting Zero Tolerance Policy across the board.

He said that youth is future of our country. Corruption is root cause of every evil. Corruption has become one of the greatest challenges of the modern era. He said youth are the ones who can be most effective in taking the anti-corruption message to their homes, to their streets, to their localities and create the desired disdain against corruption. The nation belongs to its youth. You are the leaders of tomorrow. What you do today will reflect in the society tomorrow. If we all come forward to build a corruption free society than our dream of a strong Pakistan is not far away.

He said NAB is essentially a complaint driven organization which was established to eradicate corruption and looted money from corrupt. He said that NAB has adopted proactive approach to curb corruption and corrupt practices from the country. NAB during the last 16 years has received about 3,26,694 complaints from individuals and private / public organizations. During this period NAB authorized 10992 complaint verification, 7303 inquiries, 3648 investigations, filed 2667 corruption references in respective accountability courts and overall conviction ratio is about 76 percent. NAB’s prime focus is on cases of cheating public at large by fraudulent financial companies, bank frauds, willful bank loan defaults, misuse of authority and embezzlement of state funds by Government servants etc. Since NAB’s inception, one of NAB’s major achievements has been the recovery of around Rs. 285/- billion of ill-gotten money which was deposited in the national exchequer which is a remarkable achievement of NAB.

He said that to create awareness against the ill effects of corruption among the youth of Pakistan, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Over 42, 000 Character Building Societies (CBSs) have been established with the help of NAB and HEC in the country in universities, colleges and schools during the last one year to create awareness against corruption as youths are considered a vanguard in this fight. NAB has devised a comprehensive Quantified Grading System in NAB in order to review and further improve the performance of Officers/Officials of NAB. Under this grading system, NAB Regional Bureaus are being evaluated every year at a certain criteria.

He said that NAB has established its first Forensic Science Lab (FSL) in NAB Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The Forensic Science Lab has facilities of Digital Forensics, Questioned Documents and Fingerprint Analysis. NAB has organizing a seminar of SAARC countries on Anti-Corruption in September 2016 NAB in which NAB has become first Chairman of SAARC Anti-Corruption forum for collaborative efforts for eradication of corruption on the basis of best practices. NAB is role model for SAARC Countries. He said that Pakistan is the only country whose CPI index decreased from 126 to 117 which was a great achievement. He said that NAB is committed to eradicate corruption from the country by adopting Zero Tolerance Policy for corruption free Pakistan. He said that NAB’s Anti-corruption campaign is carried widely for awareness and prevention of corruption during 2016 which will continue in 2017 due to its effectiveness.




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