Message of Director General

Corruption is a multi-dimensional phenomenon which impacts every aspects and segment of society. It not only hampers economic and social development but also results in bad governance. If vagaries of corruption are not challenged through a wholesome strategy owned by all stakeholders, the pillars of state would not be able to withstand the formidable problem that eats into its vitals. The ultimate victim of the evil would be society itself which has to feel the burnt in the form of sluggish economic growth and low revenue generation. Consequently, development of social safety networks remains a distant dreams.

NAB has devised three pronged strategy of awareness, prevention and enforcement to take the menace of corruption by horns. NAB Multan since its inception in 2015 under the current leadership of top management is trying to actualize vigorously the ideas behind the National Anti-Corruption Strategy making corruption in all its manifestations a costlier choice for the delinquents. The bureau has been successful in forging a big dent by eliminating corruption in banking, housing, education and public procurement sectors. Visible results have been achieved by registering cases against the culprits, arrest of accused persons and recovery of looted money besides arranging mega awareness events by augmenting involvement of stakeholders and direct interaction with masses. Nevertheless, combating corruption is a complex and protracted phenomenon which cannot be wriggled out by a single institution unless state and society act in unison to rid the country from this scourge. Every rank and file will have to join hands to fight against the corruption. May Allah Almighty bless all of us with determination and power to make the motherland a corruption free country.
Pakistan Paindabad

Mr. Atiq Ur Rehman
Director General