How CBS Works?

Character Building Society (CBS) is constituted by National Accountability Bureau under legal mandate of section 33 of National Accountability Ordinance 1999, to develop positive characteristics among the masses by educating them about various forms of corruption and their effects on society. The ultimate goal of the CBS is to create a resilient environment for the social evils like bribery, nepotism, favoritism, cheating and fraud by building an overall mindset which has zero tolerance against these crimes.

CBS works on the belief that the change we want to see in the society comes from within and we all need to join our hands in realizing the dream of a corruption free society. CBS intends to engage the masses including children in primary and secondary schools, the youngsters in colleges, universities and technical institutions and notable character worthy persons at union council, tehsil and district level. These notable persons are non-political personalities who come from different professions and have a clean and honest repute among the general public. CBS structure has been designed for following sectors/segments:

  • Division Level (For Notables)
  • District Level (For Notables)
  • Tehsil & Union Council Levels (For Notables)
  • Educational Institutions (School / College / University)

NAB(KP) - Character Building Societies at Educational Institutions

  1. Character Building Societies

    In an earnest effort to root out corruption from the society NAB has launched to create Character Building societies at University, College and School levels. NAB also plans to extend this programme to Tehsil & District level. Students are undoubtedly the future custodians of this country. Without their efforts and cooperation any attempt at reforming the society and cleansing it from evils will fall way short of achieving the target. The programme has been undertaken as a result of a Seminar’s recommendations held on 13th May, 2010 at NAB(KP), which was attended by intellectuals, think tanks, academia and visionaries. The salient features of the Character Building Societies are:-

    1. Objectives
      1. Inculcate a strict sense of self-discipline through personal examples taking inspirations from religious values / obligations.
      2. Students and the teachers to discharge their obligations towards the community’s needs and expectations.
      3. Students to harness their social, ethical and academic values in consonance with educational and cultural curriculum.
      4. Society members to act as whistle blower against malpractices, corruption and related issues to concern quarters without any exploitative motive or design.
      5. Each society to make its own code of conduct to practice and plan activities aiming at character building.

    2. Composition

        The composition of the society is as under:-

      1. President
      2. Vices President
      3. Secretaries
      4. Chief Patron
      5. Members

    3. Methodology
      1. Coordination with Principal
      2. Coordination / discussion with the Incharge / Focal Person
      3. Establishment of societies after the formal approval by the head of the institution.
      4. Briefing of the societies.

    4. Code of Conduct for Societies.

        Following code to be demonstrated by the society:-

      1. Respect to elders and teacher and kindness to younger.
      2. Truthfulness.
      3. Punctuality in all daily routine commitments.
      4. Offering five time prayers and say ‘Salam’ to everyone.
      5. Curbing the trend of cheating in examinations and creation of hatred against the cheating material like Note Books, Pocket Guides etc.

    5. Suggested activities / Functions
      1. Essay writing competitions on character building themes.
      2. Declamation Contests.
      3. Poster Painting Competition.
      4. To organize visits of national anti-corruption heroes to the institutions.
      5. Establishment of Honesty Cafe. To work on trust basis.
      6. One liner message on electronic display board.
      7. Setting of code of conduct and its display through pamphlet and distribution.
      8. Participation by the society members in various activities organized by the Provincial Govt and pertaining to Character Building and eradicating corruption from the society.
      9. Caring Community
        1. Intermingling and interacting among students, staff, administration in displaying kindness and respect towards each other will be the main function of caring community to include following activities:-

          1. Class meeting to establish group goals, evolve rules of conduct, chalk out activities and resolve problems.
          2. Working in groups on academic tasks providing them with opportunities to plan and execute collectively.
          3. Buddies program to include both senior and junior to work together on tasks related to academic and others social activities.
          4. To resolve mutual conflict through conflict resolution skill in a peaceful manner.
      10. Class Discussions
        1. To involve students in the following activities:-

          1. Honest and candid discussion to develop critical thinking.
          2. Discussion to provide bonding experience between the students and other participants.
          3. Encourage students to discuss critical situations through frank and candid discussion techniques. Posing teasing question like finding a lost wallet or helping a friend in exam, amounting to cheating, discussing problems involving the student’s ethical sense, contrasting his / her desire. This can generate interesting debates.