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Message of Director General

Corruption has emerged as a potential threat to the stability of states and is causing breaches in the social political and economic order across the globe. Its roots are linked to injustice, mistrust, suspicion, extremism and terrorist activities. It creates a sense of insecurity, exacerbates poverty and adds to the misfortune of the vulnerable segments of the society. The primary responsibility of ensuring the culture of sound management or what we generally call good governance lies directly on the shoulders of civil administration. The state of Pakistan has consistently shown strong commitments to the world community in this particular area and has introduced many laws and established Anti-Corruption institutions with full powers and authority to drive this monster evil away. This challenge of today is not so easy to meet unless through creation of awareness against corruption we transform the mindset of the society in general and those involved in day to day affairs of the state and transacting business and trade and rendering high services right from high pedestal to the lower level in particular so that all of them start saying No to corruption and corrupt practices

National Accountability Bureau was part of a well thought out governance theme and it is clear that without accountability our nation cannot prosper. An effective accountability is essential for economic growth, investment and stability of social order. Fair dealing and transparency promote investment / economic growth. Initially, NAB’s focus was only enforcement in order to make impact in the shortest possible time. With the passage of time, the Bureau has realized that fight against corruption cannot be won without active participation of the people. Therefore, it has transformed itself into a singular Anti-Corruption agency by pursuing three pronged policy awareness, prevention and enforcement. Our awareness campaign aims at creating awareness against corruption in the civil society. During 2016, NAB Karachi has processed 6613 complaints under its enforcement mechanism. The Bureau has completed 120 inquiries and 76 investigations during this period. So far 83 references have been filed in the courts of competent jurisdictions. With this success we will be able to eradicate many social evils from the society. To me, it is essential for us to bring drastic changes in our life styles in accordance with the teaching of Islam which emphasize upon simplicity in life. Only then we, as a nation, can become a role model for the whole world. May Allah almighty bless us all with success to eradicate corruption from our mother land to make it a corruption free country!

Mohammad Altaf Bawany
Director General